Grooming FAQs

got questions? we've got answers.

how do i book an appointment?

Simply, give us a call at 704-825-5987 to make your appointment.

what does grooming cost?

Call your local stylist for pricing at 704-825-5987

what vaccinations do you require?

In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we do require all dogs to be current on their rabies vaccinations, DHPPV, and Bordetella and to wait at least 48 hours after shots before checking in. The waiting period helps to ensure your dog isn’t sore at the injection site, which can cause irritability or lethargy. Puppies between 8 weeks and 4 months of age may receive services in the salon without vaccinations.

how long will the grooming service take?

The amount of time it takes for dog grooming varies by breed and service, but you can usually plan on it taking up to 4 hours. Express services can be arranged upon request, shortening service time. Minor services, such as nail trims, take approximately 15 minutes and no appointment is necessary.

is your grooming salon kennel free?

Yes, we provide a kennel free grooming experience.

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